Girls Night Out

Like I’ve said before, I love My Girls.  And just as much as I love them, I love my Girls’ Night Out. Katie had been on vacay all last week, and anyone with kids knows that a week with your kids 24/7 calls for a GNO asap after returning home.

We met at Outback and had some delish food.  Devoured TWO Bloomin’ Onions, a couple salads, 3 loaves of bread, some steak kabobs and a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under.  Because we like things Down Under.  Says Jane!?!

Unfortunately, LeeAnn was partying it up in Muskegon at Michigan Adventure with her family and sister.  We missed her… see… we really missed her.  HAHAH!

I am pretty sure every table around us thought we were nuts.  Our conversation topics included being obsessed with Monarchs and caterpillars, bad habits, Bloomin’ Onion shits, p00p, s&x, birth stories (of course), birth control, work, sleepless nights with twins, medication, scrapbooking, FB addictions, annoying people, crazy kids and more.   I can’t get enough of GNO’s.  I just can’t.  A night out with the ladies, laughing your ass off (I wish only literally!) cures any bad day.  

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