Wednesday we woke up and it had rained in the evening.  I knew staying in the house wasn’t going to pan out to be the best way to spend the day, so at the last minute I packed up the boys and we headed to Ann Arbor to the Hands On Museum.  Of course, by the time we got there the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

I didn’t tell the boys where we were going, only that we were going to a surprise.  A few weeks ago, when Porter was sad about missing Nina, we were looking through the scrapbook I made about her and he came across a picture of them at the AAHOM playing in the water table.  He told me he wanted to go back there.  The last time he’d been there was when he was almost 2.  I knew he’d be so excited, and he was!

The boys had a blast with everything there.  Hudson loved the ambulance and they both had so much fun building with these foam blocks.  Porter said his favorite part was the water table.

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