I am currently sitting in the parking lot of a school in Custer, MI checking my email, voicemail and catching up with the outside world. As much as I like camping up here, I hate that I have to drive 15 min to get cell phone service.

My grandma had her surgery today and as far as I know things went well. I got a voicemail from my mom by haven't been able to get in touch with her to get further details. I am thanking god that everything went okay and hoping that this means her back pain will be nonexistent for her. She's too active of an old broad (that's such a Grandma Main work!) to have constant back pain.

Ryan is still home and Lori and I are single mom's until tomorrow. Thankfully, I'm holding it together so far and not losing my mind. Yesterday the ride up here… Normally a 3.3 hour drive… Took nearly 6 hours. Let's just say I was not too thrilled and the boys had way too much time stuck in the truck. I seemed to have forgotten my father in law was a 55-60mph driver on he highway and then we had to wait at a rest stop for half an hour for Lori to catch up, only to continue driving 55/60 while she drives she normal 70-75. By the time we stopped for lunch she was 45 min ahead of us. We made it, though, and that's all that matters.

Today it poured all afternoon. Our campground has an indoor pool so we spent some time in there and then headed back to our tents for naps. The boys didn't fall asleep until 4ish and slept till 7, so it should be a late night tonight.

I'm hoping tomorrow is nice… We are supposed to get tougher with Leslie and the girls this weekend as they are in Ludington. I'm excited to see them!

Alright… Must stop loitering and get back to camp.

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