Stormy night

Its 10:35 on Thursday and we've been rained out of our campfire. It's storming… Lightning and thunder and huge gusts of win that feel like the tent is going to blow away storming. And of course it's just me and the boys tonight so it's kind of creepy. I sure wish Ryan was here and I think the boys would feel better if he were too. Porter is freaked out but Hudson is more entranced by the noise an light of the storm. The wind is blowing up our rain fly cover thin on the tent an blowing sprinklings of rain into the tent. At least it's not anywhere near the downpour that is outside.

I am excited to go to Ludington this weekend. I talked to Leslie for a bit this evening while I was in Custer and she said there is a really nice park near the beach and that the waves are predicted to be 10-15ft high. I'd like to go and watch and take some pictures, of course.

10:47 an the rain has not let up. I wish we had wifi here so I could check on the weather for the rest of the evening.

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