Hidden Blessings

Life has handed me some unexpected blessings recently.  I mean, at least I am trying to think of them as that.

The first is my job.  I’m lucky to even have my position this year, as my job is pretty much a luxury for the lower elementary teachers in my district.  Not many schools have two fully certified teachers in each K and 1st grade room.  However, my position has been cut back to half days.  So, instead of working 4 days from 8:30-3:30, I’m working 4 days of 8:30-12.  The paycheck is going to really be hurting this year and we’re going to have to really watch our spending.  It sucks!  But, I’m trying to look on the bright side.  Porter was put into afternoon preschool, even though I requested morning.  With me working only mornings, I am going to be able to take and pick him up from school (as long as I figure out how to make all the timing work… like how to get from one side of town at 12pm to the other side and back halfway inbetween within 30 minutes….).  And if I am able to find someone to watch Hudson (during his nap… haha!) an afternoon a week, I might try to help out in Porter’s room or something like that.  Its a luxury I envy in stay at home mom’s and I’m going to try to look at my job cutback as a blessing to be able to be more involved in Porter’s preschool year.

Another blessing has been my grandma’s recent surgery.  She came out a-okay and is home and doing well.  I’m hoping the surgery, once she’s healed, will help her pain level in her back.  Her surgery has also brought my mom back to Michigan to visit!

 It has been a year since she moved to NC, and she recently took a job in VA.  Work that one out, won’t you?  She works one week on, one week off. And its 6 hours away.  Kind of crazy, if you look at it quickly, but she probably drives less than some people do in one week… She drives 12 hours a week, twice a month… some people commute an hour each way, twice a day, 20 days a month… 40 hours a month driving.  Her plan with this job was to allow her to visit home more often.  We miss having her here, home, near us, but it is also nice that she has a beach home we can visit.  When my grandma found out she was having surgery, it luckily fell at the end of her work week so she flew straight from VA to MI to stay for the week.  The boys were so surprised she was here!  She bought the boys their Christmas present early, since she won’t be here for Christmas this year.  She got them a John Deere Gator… and OH my word are they in love!  It is the perfect gift for them and they had so much fun on it tonight!

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  For me, that is.  I’m still in shock that school is already starting.  At Open House last week it felt so odd… like we had just been there celebrating the last day of school!  Summer was way too short this year.  I need to get to bed and get a good head start in the morning.  I hate mornings… the boys are up by 7am, all while I’m trying to get ready for work.  I’m determined to make this year a little smoother and make myself a little more prompt. 

  1. reyna would love that gator! looks like it's going to be a great investment for the boys.glad to hear your grandma's surgery went well. hopefully you will be able to help out in porter's room and enjoy being at home while still getting out to work. it sounds like it is the best of both worlds minus the cutting corner's. hope that everything works out.

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