Whiskey Creek: 2nd Annual Barczak Family Trip

Another year later and Whiskey Creek still doesn’t have cell phone service.  Boo!  However, the atmosphere there makes up for it. The 5 (6?) days we were there were rainy rainy rainy.  The only day it did not rain was Sunday.  We had a great time regardless of the chilly, wet weather.

Our highlights:

  • Trail riding on the quads.

    We had a total of 4-quads and a 3-wheeler up there and 90% of the day someone was out riding.  The boys both had a blast on the trails and literally could have ridden the quads all day.  Porter and I went out on Sunday for about an hour and I took Hudson on Monday morning for probably a half hour trail ride.  My boys are definitely motor heads.  

  • Marshmallow fights around the campfire.  Even better with the super-sized marshmallows!
  • The kiddie carnival!
  • A gloomy morning spent at the Sandcastles Children’s Museum. A Must-See if you’re in the area.  
  • Seeing the Badger and the Spartan up close.  It’d be so neat to ride on the Badger someday!  
  • Playing at the fabulous Waterfront Park at dusk. 
  • Porter mud bogging in mudpuddles with his bike and trucks
  • Taking pictures with the girls in the purple field

  • Quad rides with Lori and Mary
  • Nearly getting lost on a quad ride with Lori, Mari and Dea.

  • Taking pictures with Devin in the creepy 1800’s schoolhouse

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