It’s been one of those days

Or weeks…?

In addition to my hellish attempt to get to work on time, Ryan has been working 14hour days at work multiple evenings a week.  I’m not complaining… its great that work is busy and he has that much on his plate.  Keeps the bills paid and food on the table.

But… these boys.  OOHH they’re draining.

Today started out early.  Don’t they all?   6am and they’re both up and I’m coaxing them to crawl into bed with me to please please please please fall back asleep for at least another hour or two.

We wake around 8am. SCORE!

Ryan’s working already (6-12 today).
Its rainy.
And cold.
And I haven’t showered for 3 days.

And we have to take Ella to the vet.

They want parfaits for breakfast.
Yogurt.  Granola.  Strawberries.

I head upstairs to shower.

Porter brings me a picture he colored.  \
Best coloring I’ve seen him do, seriously.

I venture downstairs wondering what kind of yogurt concoction I’d find on the table.  Or floor.

Instead I find two boys with Crayola Marker beards.  And unibrows.

Fabulous…. especially when we have to go to the vet in a hour.

But, Hudson did eat all his yogurt and pushed the stool over to the sink and put his bowl in the sink.
Love you, kid!!

Two kids at the vet= chaos.  Mass chaos.  

Two kids at the vet + 8×8 linoleum and metal exam room= echoing, loud chaos.

Ella has UTI and some kind of allergy that is giving her scabs all down her back.  She gets a shot for her UTI and we don’t have to do another thing for her.  No pills for kitty= sweeeet.

Take Ella home and run to Oma’s to visit.

Porter breaks her “grab nabber” reacher arm that she uses since she can’t bend much since her surgery.  Great.

I attempt to fix it with Krazy Glue and get the glue ALL over my new sweatshirt.  Frick.

I scuttle the boys outside as we leave so I can get 2 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with Grandma.  Hudson throws sand on Porter’s head and Porter tosses a bazillion toys out of the screened porch into the yard.

I can’t take my kids anywhere.

Thank God Ryan is home.  I’ve retreated to the basement.
“Hi.” I say.
“What’s your problem?” He says.
“Give yourself 10 minutes with these kids and you’ll see.  I’m going downstairs.  Good luck!.”

  1. I had a very similar day last week. When my hubby got home from work I was almost knocking him down to get out the door and get away for a couple of hours. Sure it was just a trip to Walmart for groceries but I was ALONE. 🙂

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