Toy Story 3

On Saturday night, we took the boys to the Michigan Theater in town to see Toy Story 3.  All seats were $4.50 and I just love going to the Michigan Theater.  Never mind that the seats are tiny and there aren’t cup holders… there is something about the history there that I marvel over.  This is the second movie in the past month that I’ve taken Porter to see at the MT, and I think this will definitely become a regular thing in our family. 

This was Hudson’s first movie theater experience and Ryan and I both went into it expecting him to lose interest halfway through.  Not so.  He did not move one inch the entire movie.  He sat glued the same way we sat him down, with some popcorn, water and gummies, and watched the whole. entire. movie.  We were both amazed at how well BOTH of the boys did… they were cracking up at some parts so hard that it made Ryan and I laugh.  And the rest of the time they were quiet and payed close attention to the movie.

Ryan was in charge of getting popcorn/snacks.  Of course he got the HUGE plastic bucket of popcorn… haha!  As always, he had a bargain in mind.  Sure, the pop and popcorn cost $12, but they told us to bring the bucket back anytime, even if we’re just in town (weird!), and we can get it refilled for $1.  Sweet!

Yes, this will definitely be something we do as a family more often.

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