Ch ch ch ch Changes…

I’ve been doing some minor changes around the house…

A few months ago I took a trip to Ikea with LeeAnn and Jessica and picked up an Expedit shelving unit for the playroom.  Its so nice to be able to organize everything!

I *PROMISE* you it does not stay this way.  It looks like this about .00001% of the time.  I had to “stage” it to look great for you!  

Echhhh… don’t mind the hideous Michigan trunk in here…. I’ve been meaning to find a way to paint it.

Okay, and then today I decided to whip up a little coat hook for the boys.  I have a slight obsession with coats… I probably have 20 for myself and the boys each have ohhh… maybe 5 or so that fit them right now (counting sweatshirt jackets).  Add backpacks and vests onto that and we have a mess.  Yes, the coat closet is stuffed full, and we also have a coat tree in the corner of the living room right near the foyer.  And the coat hooks you see in the picture.  I had bought 2 sets of hooks and was going to screw them onto the coat tree at a lower level but decided to use a piece of leftover trim from the kitchen island and make a little coat hook.  Turned out perfect!

Also added to the foyer was a trunk I found at a garage sale for $3.  Holds our shoes and keeps them safe from Duncan Doodle.

And over here by the door is a basket I got for 25 cents at a garage sale and use it to store all the boys’ mittens and hats.   
If you take a peek into the living room… my multi-talented hubby put together some crates with reclaimed wood from pallets (plans courtesy of Ana White.  LOVE her site!).  I plan to add casters on the bottom and distressed stenciled words/numbers on the side.  
And then just a few pictures from today…. Oma came over for a bit and brought her Wii for us to borrow for the weekend.  The boys napped and then we went on a walk and played outside.  All in all, a decent day. 

How can your heart not melt seeing this?  The boys have been sleeping with me since Ryan’s out of town.  I’m impressed that they go right to sleep not only being in the same room but the same bed.  I checked in on them and found them looking so precious and peaceful.  

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