I’ve been working really hard for the past couple months on a photography project I’m showcasing in a few weeks.  It sounds kind of minute, but to me its exciting and big.  I am doing a booth in the local Belly to Baby Expo in town.  Part of me wonders why I’m spending the money because to be honest, not a lot of my clients are from the Jackson area.  This area caters more toward the shoot-and-burners and the cheaper photographers.  And that’s fine, because there needs to be a photographer for every budget.  Everyone should have access and the ability to have portraits that they cherish.  But, I don’t want a client to pick me because of my prices.  Regardless, I’m doing the Expo and at least getting my name out there a little more.  I rarely advertise because thus far word of mouth has sufficed.

Throughout this process in preparing for the Expo, LeeAnn, Jane and Katie have kind of been my sounding boards.  I know they probably get sick of getting emails from me but they have truly been willing to offer me advice and perspective that I am thankful for.  I’m hoping to have a kick @ss booth and its coming with a pretty hefty price tag.  However, I’m trying to convince myself I can reuse the booth set-up.

I feel like I’m always on the fence with photography.  It really is my passion, deep in my heart.  I often feel discouraged and ready to call it quits, second guessing myself and then I end up coming full circle and decide to go forward full force.  There are many reasons for this, on so many different levels. I keep saying once I’m teaching full time I’m going to quit.  But lately I’ve been so wrapped up in photography ventures that I’m not sure I could quit.  I love what I do, although I’m pretty sure I could never/would never want to do it full time.  I feel like I am never able give anything in my life my 100% and that bugs me.

Anyhow, Jane is also teaming up with me to offer an Expo Collection with her necklaces.  I just looove my “Jane Necklace” (it has a different name in her shop but I always refer to it as “My Jane Necklace”).  And I’m pretty sure all of Jane’s friends are sporting Jane Necklaces, too.   I did a package for Mother’s Day and my clients raved about her necklaces.  I’m so excited to have her to work with!  I know Expo goers are going to just eat her jewelry up!

And then LeeAnn… the Queen of Stitchery…. she is rockin’ the sewing machine lately.  She recently began offering her clients an incentive for a certain dollar amount ordered… either a Jane Necklace or a birth announcement from my Etsy shop (which… uh…. is pretty empty right now).  I was touched when she emailed about offering that to her clients.  I thought it was so sweet how she is trying to incorporate both Jane and my businesses in with her own.  And the feelings are mutual… I am so proud of these ladies in pursuing their interests and hobbies and making their talents available to others.

Seriously… isn’t this crib set so awesome?

My family and my friends have been my biggest supporters.  Its one thing to hear clients and acquaintances say nice things about your work, but to have never ending support and encouragement from friends and family means the world to me.  And to have them think enough of me, of my talents and my work to have it displayed in their homes makes me feel downright giddy.  To walk into their homes and see my work- my perspective of their family- on their walls is an honor.

I’m thankful for who I have in my life…. I really am.  So, to pay it forward, please stop by both Jane and LeeAnn’s Etsy shops…. you have to check it out!  



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