Bloggy Surfin’

I’ve come across some fantastic blogs lately and thought I should do a post so I can share!

Hyperbole and a Half.  OH DEAR GOD this blog is hilarious! She basically illustrates stories from her life and it is definitely read-worthy!

Catalog Living-   I shared this awhile ago but is worth sharing again.

-Lamebook-  The funniest and lamest of Facebook

Regretsy–  The “Fail Blog” of hand crafts.  Nuff said.

Creativity By Crystal–    She has some fantabulous scrapbook (digital) templates that she puts on sale every Tuesday.  Its called Template Tuesday.  I am 99% a paper scrapbooker, but I’ve done a few digital layouts here and there.  They’re quick and easy and great for those pages I really don’t have any journaling for.  I purchased a few of Crystal’s layouts and plan to use them both for digital layouts and for sketches for regular scrapbooking.

Next weekend (Holy heck Thurs to Sun!!) I’m scrapbooking with the ladies at The Cottage… you know, “What Happens at The Cottage, Stays at The Cottage.”  BAHAH!  I am soooo ready for a weekend to just…. be…. Be productive, be creative, be silly, be drunk, be child-free.  Oh yea! 

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