I thought I’d share the links of some of my favoritest photographers.  I had envisioned a shorter list… but looks like I admire more than I estimated!  And this is only a fraction of the photographers I have in Google Reader.  So many awesome photographers out there that I look up to.  Its refreshing to see so many perspectives and ideas.  Thank goodness for blogging!

In no particular order…. (believe me, you’ll want to check them all out!)

  1. Great list! Lots I have never looked at. Brooke (Blush) is one of my favorites too. She is super sweet in real life too! And Kelly Ryden…such amazing stuff! I can totally see her influence in your newborn pics.

  2. Thanks for sharing your list, I need to spend more time browsing especially now that winter is approaching and I'll have a bit more time on my hands. I'm feeling I'm in a rut and I could use some major inspiration. I truly suck at newborns and I need to study up and practice! I wish I could shadow you on a session because you do fabulous work in that dept. as well!

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