Girls Weekend V2.0

This weekend was much needed.  This past week has been so stressful and I’ve pretty much been running on 4 hours of sleep.  I rarely sleep in past 8 or 9, even when given the chance.  Well… Friday morning I slept until almost 10:30 and Saturday morning I slept until 11:15.  Whew! Hopefully I’m somewhat caught up.  

Oddly, we didn’t take many pictures.  Actually… the only “people” pictures we took were in the car on the way to Stillwater Grill.  I did take some shots around the cottage. 

Our weekend was full of laughs and joking and raunchy humor, of course.  I feel no need to fill in all the details… like we say “What happens at the Cottage stays at the Cottage.”  But, for my memory’s sake, this morning the girls and I compiled a list of humorous things that will always remind us of this weekend.  

Katie’s pee pee pants.

Jessica is our own personal drugstore. 
It’s an Eminem kind of weekend.
The pitcher of shots
“You are really dumb.  For real.”
“This is my son Nolan playing in the sand.  Period. That is a complete sentence!” -intoxicated Katie
Boy Boy.  Don’t drink and scrap.
Who brought the Hooker boots? -Jane
“You’re such a m.r.b.b.” -Everyone
“She paid me off really well.” -Jessica
“You can use my poker just once.” -Leeann
“Jane is a good friend to have.  First she gives us free gas.  Then she upgraded is to her family cottage.  What’s next!”
“What, you mean it’s not because of my sparkling personality?” -Jane

LeeAnn can’t be trusted with Janes keys.  
“I’ve locked myself out of the house a lot… That’s how I knew to use the credit card.” -Nicole
“If that’s your story…” -Jessica
Jane… Leeann…. They’re interchangeable
Nicole’s stink bomb in the bathroom
“Can you leave your boobs for us Jane?”
“If I lost 15 lbs. these jeans will STILL fit!”
“My throat is closing up!”. – Nic
“White Russian or Mexican babies?”
“Bah hahahhahaa!” -Katie’s evil laugh
That is super amazing! Like!

Jane flips, Katie tennises, Nic gallops and Jess and Leeann twirl. All during conversation.
Ahhh you said it! Take a shot!”
“He’s going to take his shirt off!” -Jess
“Eyeliner… That’s hot!” – Katie
“Jane is really 40. Shes just had a few face lifts. But obviously not a boob lift
“Katie, is that you we hear screaming “big D!?”

“I was attacked… By some idiot in the projects!” -Nic
“What does she watch… The Today show?” -Leeann
“LeeAnn, you’re a lot more talkative when you’re drunk!” -Katie

We love you like a biatch!!
It’s like watching a trainwreck, you cant look away.
“I was maaad.”  -Jane (said in a 3-year old’s tone)
Hey C-Money! Bring me anotha shot!
Build a bridge and get the eff over it!

Jane and LeeAnn’s morning wake-up… “Let’s get this party started!”
Nicoles tourrettes at Stillwater grill 

And as always…. “What happens at the Cottage stays at the Cottage!”

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