Marriage, highlights and different kinds of 4’s

Just a few things that have come out of Porter’s mouth lately….

“Today is Mommy and Daddy’s anniversary, Porter.  7 years ago on this day we got married.”

“When I get big I’m going to marry Heaven. And if someone already marries her, I’ll marry Cadence.”

(Heaven is the “hot commodity in the afternoon preschool.  She’s a darling little girl in his class.  Cadence is a little girl in his class he has currently been “BFF’s” with.  He has been playing with her, sitting next to her at snack and carpet time etc for the past couple weeks.)

I need to get in the shower.”

“Are you going to wash out that yellow from Halloween?”

“You mean my highlights in my hair?”

“Yeah. Why are they called that? Do they light up the highs?”


“Wesley and Tristan are different fours than I am.”

“They are?  What do you mean?”

“They’re a different kind of four.  They’re just higher than I am.”

“You mean taller?  They’re a different kind of four because they’re a different height than you?”

“Yeah.  They’re a different kind of four.  Why are they a different height, Mom?”

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