Randomness to catch up…

I can’t believe its been 4 days since I’ve blogged. Talk about NaBloPoMo FAIL. Everytime I’d go to Nicki’s blog I’d see her blogger updates in the sidebar and see “Oh My Words: X days ago” and think… EEEEEK!

So, here I am blogging on my lunch hour. I must jot things down just to feel caught up. Silly, I know.

  • We’re having Thanksgiving this Thursday at our house. My kitchen is currently in the middle of a big BIG project and I have not planned a thing meal wise. Sure, I’ve tossed ideas in my head about what I could, might, and should cook, but I haven’t done any surefire planning.
  • The BIG project… Ryan (with the help of his awesome dad) FINALLY framed in the beam and support poles in our kitchen/dining room. It looks great, and I’ve spent the past 2 days mudding and sanding and prepping for primer/paint. I’m hoping one more sanding today and paint tonight!
  • I am going to paint those two small (18″ width) walls on each side of the kitchen with chalkboard paint… from floor up to the beam. I love how Tiffany Ruda painted this wall in her kitchen. My walls aren’t nearly that large but they’ll be a good size for the kids to doodle and for us to jot notes and stuff.
  • The next kitchen project will be hidden message boards inside my cabinets. I hate hate hate how cluttered my fridge is. Disgusting. So, everything will be moving inside the cabinets soon!
  • My mom bought Ryan and I our Christmas present early… a camcorder. I’m so excited. Our camcorder is OLD… like 7 years old… and it uses those little tapes. How annoying. Talk about behind the times! So, I’m hoping this will entice me to videotape the boys more often. I love looking back on old videos (usually taken from my point and shoot camera… not good quality) and seeing how much the boys have changed.
  • I’m slowly working my way back to Facebook. Its actually been really nice to be away. To not deal with drama or waste time reading about people who aren’t the main focus of my life…. I should be spending that time with my kids. Sure, I miss my good friends on there and catching up with their lives (because, really, FB is the new way to communicate… makes email seem old fashioned as far as “keeping in touch”). I’ve blocked the delusional people from knowing I’m on Facebook so I won’t be able to read their posts and they can’t read mine. Life should be pretty peaceful from here on out, I hope. (Aunt Linda… I did get your email and I SO loved it. Thank you. I will email you back soon!)
  • My master’s class is going pretty well. I am a little over halfway done (Week 5 of 8 weeks) and so far so good. Its a little “deep” for me… “Values, Ethics and Worldview” as it pertains to teaching. Good stuff, but not necessarily stuff I’d sit and ponder for every situation in my work life. Its nice to think about it though, and question motives and right/wrong.
  • This Christmas I’m trying to do a lot of handmade gifts… meaningful handmade gifts that aren’t cheesy (at least, I hope the recipients don’t think they’re cheesy). Without Facebook this weekend I was able to get a lot of crafty stuff done, catch up on laundry, spend Sunday afternoon/evening scrapping with some great girlfriends and clean/organize my office. Good times!
  • Disney keeps airing these commercials with home videos of parents surprising their kids with a Disney vacation. I sooo want to do that with the kids. I want it to be this huge deal… something super special for them. Awhile back we had “planned” to do Disney when the boys were 3.5 and 5.5… which would be next fall. I’m not sure we’ll financially be able to do that and I’m also not sure if that is the ideal ages I want to take them. I mean, I’m sure we’ll go to Disney at least one other time in our kids’ lives (maybe when Baby #3 is 4 or 5??) but I’ve said it before… Disney is great but its not my ideal vacation place. Too busy, too many crowds and lines and just… chaos and not relaxing. Anyhow… I love the Disney commercials. Also, how cool is it that Disney in California is making an actual Radiator Springs amusement park modeled completely after Cars. It is supposed to open in 2012. The boys would think they’ve died and gone to heaven.
  • I still have not achieved a picture of my two boys together for our Christmas cards. I’ve been designing all sorts of awesome cards for my clients but haven’t put anything together for our family yet. Must get on that… that’ll be at the top of my To Do list this weekend.

  Well, I think that’s about it for now. Lunchtime is almost over so I must wrap this up.

  1. I have really been wanting to do Disney vacation with the kids, preferably before we add another family member. I had really wanted to go this coming winter/spring, but financially… sigh… I just don't know.Can't wait to see your finished kitchen/dining room projects! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. OMG, I totally started to tear up on that last video of disney suprises! The one they told them at Christmas time?!? It tugged at my heart! How neat it would be to do a surprise like that! I HAVE to remember to do it this way!

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