Burlap Stockings

I’ve been wanting to sew matching stockings for our family since last Christmas.  Our current stockings were a mis-match of sentimental handmade stockings (Mine being 29 years old and Porter’s being one my Mom made him when he was a baby), to random store bought ones that Ryan and Hudson had.  I wanted a little more cohesive look to our Christmas decor, hoping that would entice me to not become fed up with the decor shortly after Christmas.  I want our Christmas decor to blend in with our normal day-to-day decor.  
I’m glad I didn’t sew stockings last year as I was looking at very bright, vintagey (yet beautiful!) fabrics.  I’m sure I’d have become sick of it in no time. A few weeks ago I came across this blog and all of her burlap stocking inspirations.  
I was most drawn to these:
Bella Inspirations
EAB Designs
And then, lucky me, she posted her own creation of burlap stockings and I was in love!  I was also in LUCK as she posted a tutorial to how she made her stocking.  YAY!!
I of course went out and bought burlap and white twill.  I was determined to make our family these cottagey french-country inspired stockings.  I love the natural look of them and the neutralness of the colors.  So fresh and pretty!
I decided mine would have ruffles and clip on flowers (which double as hair clips!), and the boys in the family would be ruffle-less and each have some kind of other decor to set them apart so they aren’t so matchy matchy.  Here is what I came up with:

I am more than happy with how they came out!  I also plan to make another girl stocking and another boy stocking for whatever future addition(s) we have to our family.  The “H” and the “P” are just paperclips I formed into the letters and hot glued buttons onto.  I then used a few stitches of white thread to hold the letters onto the stocking.  So, if in the future we get sick of the H and P, we can put something new on there.  Same with the buttons on Ryan’s stocking.  I eventually think I want to replace them with large wooden buttons but I wasn’t about to spend $20 on wood buttons.  I’ll have to keep an eye out at garage sales and Goodwill for little wooden buttons.  

  1. LOVE them! Hubby and I have matching stockings, but then when little miss came along this year, of course we couldnt find one to match. I had basically decided to wait on matching until we are done having kiddos, BUT these would be so cute and we could just make more with each new addition! Nice job and thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for the shout-out.I love how your stockings turned out!!! Great idea about stitching the buttons on so they can be removeable later. I meant to make some more of those this year but didn't get around to it… sigh. 🙂

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