We play defense

On Tuesday, Katie and I were SUPPOSED to go shopping (sans kids).  However, plans didn’t pan out (we got snow and didn’t feel like driving out of town on freshly fallen snow… and I didn’t exactly have a sitter).  So, she brought the boys over so we could attempt to kill some time for part of the day.

We were cracking each other up because we both felt the same way about staying home with these boys…. its like we’re constantly playing defense.  NOTHING gets done around the house because you are basically following them around attempting to block them from getting into trouble, and then turning around to see mayhem created by another kid.  There is no “relax” or “productivity” going on in a home with boys… especially boys 2 years apart (and definitely not with THREE boys that are each 2 years apart!).  At one point, I was attempting to make lunch for the kids and we were both in the kitchen each doing 3 different things at one time.  Our paths crossed as we both were basically bustling from here to here in the kitchen and we just started busting up because if you had been a fly on the wall we both looked like chickens with our heads cut off, I’m sure!  Kind of one of those “had to be there” moments, but it was funny.  Sometimes I feel like no one GETS the chaos my two kids create…. but then I just have to chat with Katie and I know… SHE gets it.  While her kids don’t quite get into the trouble my two seem to create, she has 3 boys so that is trouble in itself.

After lunch, I whipped up some sugar cookies (just plopped down… nothing fancy) and we let the boys frost them with the leftover frosting I had in the fridge.  I think there was a bit more eating going on that frosting, but they had a good time.

If this boy isn’t a spitting image of his mama, I don’t know what he is.  Gawd what a cutie!!

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