Nite Lites

Wednesday night we decided to surprise the boys with a trip to the local Nite Lites.  Despite it being its 15th year in Jackson, I have NEVER been to the Nite Lites.  We originally were going to go Tuesday but the boys were in rare form and were put to bed early because they were nauuuughty.

Wednesday, though, was a great day.  First we went out to dinner with Dave at Outback.  We didn’t tell the boys where we were going after dinner, only that it was a surprise.  It was funny to ask them where they thought we were going.  Porter thought we were going to a movie and Hudson thought we were going to see Monster Truck Mater.

When we pulled up to the fairgrounds, I was AMAZED at the amount of lights that they had!  I had thought it’d be just a small portion of the faigrounds, but no… it was the entire fairgrounds, around the barns and on the track as well.  It took a good half hour to drive through the “path” they had mapped out.  The barns had deer made out of lights, there were elves fishing and Santa Dinos and trains and polar bears and deer everywhere.

The boys couldn’t believe that we were driving on the dirt track where we had watched the monster trucks drive this summer.  That was Porter’s favorite part.  Hudson kept telling us we have to rev up our engine!

It was such a good surprise.  I was glad they enjoyed it.  Porter said numerous times “This is the best surprise everrrrr!”   : )   That makes me happy!

After the lights, we went into the Fair Event Center and they had displays of about 70 Christmas trees decorated by local businesses.  The trees are auctioned off and the money earned is given to the charity that the business chose to support.  It was beautiful and so neat to look at all the differently decorated trees.  Some were decorated by kids (like girl scouts) and some were decorated with things related to that business (a dentist used tooth brushes, floss etc…  the Humane Society used all sorts of pet stuff, dog bones, etc… and a hardware store used gardening gloves and all sorts of tool type stuff).  Very cute ideas!  I wish I had brought my good camera to take some pictures that do the trees justice.

We got some cotton candy and the boys stopped to see Santa and Mrs. Claus before we headed back home.

Oh I just found this… someone put together a little video/slideshow of some of the displays.  Very nice!

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