Mommy/Boys Date Day

Today the boys and I had some QT together in Ann Arbor.

We first stopped by Moosejaw so I could exchange a jacket.  The boys liked walking up the “rock ramp” that people test out shoes on.  They also got to do pull ups on these ropes.  Moosejaw is a pretty neat company.  When you call, they answer the phone by saying “Mooooooooooosejaw!  How may I help you?”  And the MOOOOO sounds like a cow or something… very hilarious.  When we walked in the store, both employees were super friendly and greeted us as if they have known us for awhile.  I love finding business with great customer service!

After Moosejaw, we headed to the mall so I could pick up a few pair of jeans for the boys.  We went to Children’s Place and got them some jeans and underwear (more on that in another post!).  Then they played for a bit in the play place and afterward we went to Gap and walked through Build A Bear.

When we were finished at the mall we intended to go to Panera for lunch (I’m always craving me some Panera!  LOOOVE their Smokehouse Turkey Panini and their Chicken Cobb Salad!).  Panera was packed and there weren’t any tables available so we went a few stores down to Bella Italia.  It is a little Mom-and-Pop place and they had yummy pizza!   It reminded me of Sbarro’s pizza (or East Lansing-ers… Georgios!!!).  Large slices, thin crust and cheese.  YUMMY!  The owners were a younger couple with a baby around 8-10 months old.  They were all there, working (even the baby was hanging around!) and I thought it was so neat.  Everyone who came in after us seemed to know them really well and they all held conversations with them.  The boys each devoured a huge slice on their own, plus breadsticks.  They got spoiled and I let them get Sierra Mist.  Pop is like a huge once a year treat around here.  They thought they’d struck gold!  Bella Italia also has ice cream, and for checking in with FourSquare we got our cones for $1.  Sweet!   We’ll definitely go back.

We had such a great afternoon.  On our way home, Hudson zonked out and Porter watched a movie.  I love spending time with the boys like this.  Even though taking 2 kids shopping/running errands/out to lunch isn’t the easiest thing to do, I love just being with these boys.  They make my world so much nicer.  

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