Potty Training

Since Hudson started back at Miss Marleen’s, she’s included him in the potty breaks that the other two 2-year-olds had throughout the day.  Every once in awhile he’d go potty, but we never really got consisent about it.

Over Christmas Break I decided we’d try to potty train.  For the 2 weeks, Hudson pretty much wore underwear  (or naked) most days.  He did pretty well, with only a couple accidents, but often would just hold it until he had a diaper on for nap or bedtime.

When he started back at Miss Marleen’s after Christmas Break, I sent him to her house this past Monday in underwear and let her know he’d been doing pretty good.  At Marleen’s, she puts him down for a nap with his underwear on and just puts a diaper over it so he knows he still has underwear on. All week he was in underwear all day, and he had about one or two accidents a day.  The accidents that he did have were mostly because he waited too long to tell us he needed to go.  He’s great at letting us know, but sometimes it takes 10 trips to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet to finally get one successful pee out of him.  Kind of annoying.

I’m so so so proud to say today he wore underwear from home to Ann Arbor, running errands, back home and for nap ALL DAY and was dry!  YAYYY!  I did have a diaper over his underwear just in case, but he kept telling me “Buzz Light-year would be sad if I pee pee on him!”  HAHA!

So, I’m pretty much thinking he’s there… potty trained…. never thought we’d get there but here we are!

  1. YAY for potty training….. Luke is all trained… and has been for a while and I gotta say… I do NOT miss diapers…. it's so free and wonderful!!!!! 🙂

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