Pee woes

Awhile back, when Porter was 3.5 or maybe even just turned 4, we were having trouble with him peeing numerous times in a row and even telling us he “had a penis allergy”. I took him to the doctor thinking it was a UTI buy it turned out to be nothing. Within a few weeks, the behavior was gone.

Last week or so, he started up the same behaviors. I’d hear him in the bathroom yelling “Stupid stupid penis!!!”. “I hate my penis!”. It happened most before bed and in the morning.

Today Ry took him to MedPlus and it turns out there is something wrong with him…. He has urethral stenosis. Basically it’s a blockage or shrinkage of the ureter. They said he’d probably always had it but now that he’s older/bigger he is finding it bothering him. Simply put, in order for him to push/force the pee out he had to build up enough pressure in order to pee. This is why he felt like he needed to pee but could only get a little out. We have to talk with a specialist and he’ll likely have it stretched (ouch!)

I’m so glad we have a somewhat simple world and
You know what, I might have to just file along and see what’d going on with their exercise
Trip!   (uhmmm okay I was blogging from my phone in bed and was SOOO tired. I must have fallen asleep and posted it and uh.. no idea what this mumbo jumbo is HAHA!)

*edited Sun Night*

OOooOOH kay…. so anyhow, tomorrow we will call the specialist and also his pediatrician to let them know what is going on.  Hopefully we will get an appointment soon so he can feel some relief.  I feel so bad for him.  He was having problems again tonight and I told him “remember what Daddy told you about your penis and why it feels like you have to pee?”  And he say “uh huh”.  I told him we’d call the doctor in the morning to make an appointment to make it better.  He said “okay” which is SO not like him because he hates going to the doctor.  Poor baby!

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