Simplify to the Extreme…. letting it go.

Slightly losing my mind here.  Started this morning cleaning… organizing.

Cleaned out the entertainment dresser… the foyer closet (weeded out old games we don’t need)…. the pantry/back hallway closet….. under the kitchen sink…..

And then the kids trashed the living room and refused to clean up so they got spankings and sent to their room.  And Mama went to TOWN on the playroom.  3 huge garbage bags, a bazillion gallon tub (the kind used for like… beer and pop at parties… or for horse watering bucket at Fair), all their Ikea boxes with blocks, cars, tools, Mr. Potato Head…. some games…. GONE.   I raided their little toy bins in their rooms and just dumped them all into garbage bags.

In their rooms I left them with books, Hudson has some wooden blocks and his Fisher Price Farm, and Porter has his desk/art stuff and a race track in his closet.

In the playroom I left a few large cars, some puzzles, the train table (which I think I’ll take the trains and tracks and pack up), and a tub with a handful of matchbox cars and a couple assorted medium sized cars to play with.

In the basement I left their two large Bruder trucks, the play house and their dress up stuff.  I emptied the toybox in the basement and put their dress up stuff in there.

That is IT.

And if feels SOOO SOOO good.

The guest room is now jam packed.  I still have a lot of gathering to do with misc stuff around the house.  I am debating on whether to put all of it up into the attic and deal with it later or slowly go through all those bags and boxes and get rid of stuff then put the rest up into the attic.  I literally was DUMPING things into garbage bags so it is slightly disorganized.

Today is a good day… I’m in a mood.  A “just throw the damn thing away already” mood (as opposed to “I miiiight need it someday” kind of mood).  Next up… my office. Packing up my photography stuff, probably my sewing stuff (because when the eff am I going to have time to sew??) and throwing away TONS.

Just letting it go.  Letting it go.

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