The Rockers

Porter is already planning a basement band. After going to Scotts house this morning with Ry and seeing his guitars and drum set (his band is Squirrels with Chainsaws), he told us the Squirrels use the chainsaws to fight with the birds. And the birds use hatchets. Squirrels with Chainsaws and Birds with Hatchets. Haha!

He told us he was going to have a band He was going to play the guitar and naming his band the Rockers. Hudson was going to play drums, Kyle and Lukas are going to play guitars too and Donnie is playing the piano. Hudson says “yeah! I'm gonna play the drums!”.

He couldn't sing us his song he said was called Rockstars because he didn't know the words, he'd have to write the notes down.

Oh, I forgot to mention he said they were going to play in our basement. Yikes!

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