Dotson Family Christmas

The past few years it has been tradition to get together in January for our extended family Christmas.  The kids do a name draw and we have a big dinner (usually lasagna and salad and lots of munchies!).

This year we added a Dirty Santa name draw for the adults (although after this first round we see lots of kinks to iron out… not everyone participated, some people went and bought gifts even though it was supposed to be things from around your house, Ryan and I made kind of “jokey” gift bags full of random silly things and we weren’t sure how many “trades” we really should have… because I think at one point the trading could have easily went on for hours).  It was fun, though, and we all got quite a few good laughs.

The kids, as usual, got along great.  We got to meet the newest babe, Jayden Finn, and the younger cousins… (boys) Porter, Hudson and Nathan and (girls) Chasity, Addisen and Aubri got along so so well.  Hudson was at his normal… walking around with chocolate on his face.

We ended the night with Dance Party and had a lot of great laughs while us adults attempted to dance.  I love this family, and love our get togethers.  I look forward to them each year!

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