Holiday Craft Show and Share

So I thought I’d share all the fun holiday crafts I’ve made this season.  Sorry for not sharing them before, but since they were gifts I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!

I made this 25 Days till Christmas countdown .  Each day had a new, fun “Christmassy” or “giving” type activity for us to do.

I made these photo blocks for family and Porter’s teacher (I did their family pictures this fall, so I thought it was a perfect gift idea!)

For two of our nieces I made these adorable hairbow holders and little flower hair clips.

I also made these cute magnets for family members.  I was going to do an ornament every year of the boys’ pictures but I came up with this idea (thanks to Curly Girl inspiration).

I made my mom this “Curly Girl Inspired” plaque

and “the girls” these “Curly Girl Inspired” plaques.

I also decided to make our family matching stockings.  I found these burlap stockings and fell in love.

I revamped our stocking holders

For Addisen, I decorated her name letters for her new big girl room. I just adore decorating letters!

For my sister and sister in law I made these handprint mod-podged tree canvases.  

I also revamped this jingle bell door hanger into this cute bell garland.

  1. Everything turned out beautiful!These are the kinds of gifts I would love to recieve! Where did u get the little easels that the photo blocks are on?

  2. Oh I LOVE the name/letters!! Want to make some for my kids? I'm totally serious. Let me know! I'd pay you! If not, can you at least show me how you did it? Or maybe we can do it together?I'd also like to make a bow holder thing that that for H. If you have a link or something for that too, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! :)Everything looks awesome! You did a great job!

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