What a freaking morning.  I woke up to the boys in bed with me, fighting about who was laying where and who was kicking who.  I rubbed my groggy eyes and flipped up my pillow to read 7:54 on my clock.  I rubbed my eyes again, trying to focus on those numbers and understand what it meant.
It meant… I”M LATE!!  I am subbing for Mo this week and of COURSE the one time I don’t wake up to my alarm is the day I actually have students waiting for me (sidenote:  those of you who don’t know me.. I’m always always always late.  But its usually because my kids set me back in the morning, messes etc… or I’m dawdling.  My ‘arrival’ time to work is somewhat flexible so I don’t stress if I’m a few min. late.  HOWEVER… when I sub, obviously I HAVE to be there on time and I have never been late for subbing).
I hopped out of bed and start RUNNING through the upstairs.  Luckily, Porter had planned out his and Hudson’s clothes (love that boy!) and he got himself dressed.  I wiped my face down with a babywipe, attempted to throw the front of my hair back in a barrette and threw some clothes on. I called work and let the secretary know what was going on and had her send the other Lit Coach in to cover for me for a few minutes.
Downstairs I put H’s clothes in his bag, put a coat and shoes on the kids and tossed them into the van.  Grabbed my water, purse and bag and was out the door.
In 20 minutes.
Folks, that’s record time! Granted, I have no idea if either of my kids have socks or underwear, they didn’t brush their teeth this morning and I forgot my own coat (and its like, what, 28* today??) but I managed to drive both kids to their separate childcare locations and make it to work (ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN) and was only 15 minutes late!
I’m sure my sitters were cracking up because I called them ahead of time and let them know what was going on and said something like “We’re going to be flying in like a hot mess and I’m just dropping them off… can’t chat!  Sorry!!”  HAHA!
So far, the day is going okay.  Kid had assembly this morning until 9:30 (so that gave me time to compose myself, put on a little makeup from my purse and get ready for the day) and we also have early release today at 2:30 so technically the long part of the day is over.

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