2011 so far… rocks!

So maybe I’m just on a high from all the changes and positive moves in my life thus far, but I read Cass’ blog today and was inspired, yet again, to make more changes.  To SIMPLIFY more in my life.  Here me now… we are getting rid of our landline and Dish Network.

We need to cut corners more because, honestly, no matter how it looks from the outside the $$ is tight here.  Sure, we pay our bills and we are able to afford some “extra” things but here’s the little secret…… nothing is getting saved.  Nothing.  And I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that we literally, seriously don’t make that much money.  (Believe me, after a couple different gatherings with friends where $$/salaries were discussed, I realized… shit, we are the poor folk!  HAHA!)  I know once I start teaching, my income will at least double (yes, you read that right… a measly teacher’s salary will at.least.double. my current earnings).  I’m okay living tight right now (alright… not that I wouldn’t love to be making more money) but…..  I’m okay spending our extra on little trips and doing fun things with the kids even though that means not being able to put money away.  But it wouldn’t hurt to cut corners here and there where we can so that once I am working a “full time” salaried career we will be able to squirrel away money and pay down the small debt we have (mostly LOTS of student loans, one vehicle and one credit card).  I think my goal for 2012 is to start the Dave Ramsey program… pending if I’m full time at that point.

WHEW….. so that was a loooong tangent.  Back to 2011 being awesome.  It is. Despite money woes…it really is.

  • I’ve started Weight Watchers (the new PointsPlus program…. look me up on there if you’re a WW’er.. I’m nic073) and thus far I’m doing great!  Down 3lbs!  I’ve found the new program to be a lot easier to follow, and I love the online tracking and the iPhone app!
  • I’ve been exercising a couple times a week… Zumba is so kick ass and fun I just love it!
  • I’ve remained off Zoloft and I feel that with other changes I’ve made that I’m doing better.
  • My house is so organized and clean right now I feel at peace and happy being at home (although still quite a few rooms I want to de-clutter and organize even more).
  • I’m ending my stint with photography and focusing more on my own family projects… Blog Books, Photo Albums, Scrapbooking and crafts with the kids. (this change is going to make a pretty big indent in the budget as well, as if things weren’t already tight! Typically my photography income matches my Lit Coach income… if not double)

  • I feel reconnected to so many things and people in my life and for the first time in awhile felt really connected with God.  Its a work in progress, isn’t it always?  I feel this purge of things in my life has somehow shed layers off of me and brought me closer to things that really matter.  
I’m sure there’s more.  Of course there is.  It seems like every turn I take I’m discovering something more to love about this year Twenty-Eleven. 


  1. YAY! I love this post… and we gave up the landline and DirecTV last year too!!!!!!! 🙂 Love it……… you won't miss it a bit…….. can't wait to show you my Project Life book!

  2. Disappointed to hear that you are no longer going to do photography:) Nicole you are amazing and have so much talent that I really do hope someday you get back to taking photos (At least by the time Macy needs her senior pictures done):)

  3. Dave Ramsey has changed our lives. We also make the least out of our friends, by FAR…but jumped on the bandwagon…it's NOT easy, but since Sept. we've paid off close to $4000.00 in debt and the “snowball” effect is amazing! You can do it!

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