He loves me

My hubby’s handmade my valentines card… At work… While being teased by his co workers. He loves me. And I sure love him too!

Valentine’s Day was pretty low key… I tried to do little things for the family to make them feel special.  I hand made Ryan, Porter and Hudson cards… I wrote little “Roses are Red…” poems for them.  The boys  got the robot/monster plates, bowls and silverware from Target $1 spot and some candy and heart shaped lollipops.  Porter has been such a sweetheart lately… he saw his gifts at his spot on the island and said “Is this for ME?  Mom, you’re the best! This is great!”  I love love love that kid!

Hudson eats lunch at daycare so I didn’t have to make his lunch, but I made Porter a sandwich cut into a heart and he had red foods…. a little debbie (super treat for him!), watermelon, a peach (red outside) and strawberries. 

I had therapy in the evening (good stuff on V-day HAHA!), and when I came home Ry was making dinner… we had spaghetti (because its red!) and garlic bread.  It was a pretty low key evening, we finished watching Home Alone 3 for the 20th time.

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