Updates Bullet Style

I can’t believe I’ve barely blogged in the month of February.  I had planned to do the Joy of Love workshop by Willette but sadly only did Day 1.  I may attempt to do the pictures for it, as a challenge, and post them later.  Who knows.  I haven’t been very inspired to take pictures lately (other than snapshots).

I don’t seem to have much to update… so I’ll do it bullet-style today.

  • I have begun Project Life (by Becky Higgins) to cover a bulk of my 2011 scrapbooking.  I love it so far, and I think its given me a whole new perspective on scrapbooking and documenting my kids’ (and our families) lives.  I am still doing traditional, fun-play-with-paper scrapbook pages but I’ve also begun going back through 2010 and putting together collages and digital layouts for pictures I don’t necessarily have a story for. 

    If you’ve ever wished you were a scrapbooker but never felt like you had the time or creativity BUT still wanted to have things documented alongside photographs… Project Life is right up your alley.  Here are a few bloggers/scrapbookers/websites showcasing their PL’s”

    Ali Edwards: http://aliedwards.com/projects/365-project-life
    Michelle Wooderson:
    Lisa Truesdell
    Pine is Here (loove that she and her friend split up their journaling cards and headers so they had more of an expanded set!  DUH!!!  Anyone with the Amber Kit want to swap some with me?)

  • I’ve been reading a few books that have been so SO inspiring and eye opening to me.  I’ve also begun keeping a paper journal to write down notes from these books, quotes of inspiration and words of wisdom to keep forefront on my mind.  The first is Eat Pray Love, which I have kind of stalled on reading. I went to therapy (counseling? What is it really called??) and we discussed a lot of mediation, mindfulness, compassion and connectiveness techniques and it reminded me of the book Momfulness that I received a few years ago for Christmas.  She suggested I start reading it and when we met up this week I was telling her all the wonderful things that I’d gotten from the book thus far.  I love it, and it inspires me to TRY to be a better mom and person.
  • Weight Watchers is going great… I’ve kind of slowed down on Zumba, but since its been warmer I’ve been walking outside.   I’ve lost 8.5lbs (yes… that .5 is significant HAHA!).  And today at lunch I had 2 co-workers ask if I’d lost weight and tell me I looked great.  WOOO HOO!  That is so so motivating.  I want to lose MORE!  Ideally I want to lose 10 more lbs, which I hope hope won’t be as hard to lose as the first 8.5.  I just need to buckle down and stay on track.  My WW group on FB has been very helpful to talk to other girls who are doing WW Online. 

So I think that’s it for now.   I’m going to try try try to post more often.  Sometimes I feel like if I don’t blog I “lose” that part of my life because I don’t remember it!  Silly, I know.  But I was thinking back on the past few weeks and I can’t remember days because I hadn’t been blogging.  Sad.  😦

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