A Very Merry Un-Birthday, Indeed, Indeed!

Porter’s Birth-Day was all in all amazing.

He woke up to Birthday Balloons (all green!) and came and snuggled into bed with me.  He must not have remembered last years’ BB’s because he said “Mom, there are balloons all over my floor! Weird!”

He was anxious ALL morning for his cousin and two buddies to come over to play.  I was glad when they finally arrived so he stopped asking when they’d be there!

The kids did the pinata first… everyone got a couple good whacks on it and then Lukas busted it down!  Aubri didn’t want a turn.  Nolan looked like he was ready to blow it out of the house! Future baseball player, no?

Then we decorated cupcakes.  It was hilarious because each of the kids had their own little style of decorating.  Donnie made a face out of his candy.  Porter piled EVERYTHING on.  Hudson placed one lone gummy bear in the middle and tried to stock pile the rest of the gummy bears for himself. Nolan put a few gummy bears on, but not too many.  Aubri and Lukas meticulously placed each item on top of their cupcakes.  It was too cute!!


Then we opened presents… Porter got Beyblades from Donnie; Aunt Heather, Aubri and Addi got him a guitar and a Spiderman fishing pole (both at the top of his fav’s!); Oma got him a cool “construction” set and Lukas got him a Target gift card.

And finally pizza time.  I had picked up some mini Mama Rosa’s pizzas and we popped those babies in the oven for the kids before sending them home all sugared up.  I was so glad Katie was there to help me… I hadn’t anticipated it being so chaotic despite only having “3” things planned for the kids.  We made it through, then she took her brood home, LeeAnn and Oma picked Lukas and Aubri up and then the boys crashed for a nap!

When Ryan got home we let Porter open his presents from us.  He was bummed when he opened his roller blades and said he wanted the Handy Many Construction Site. Uhm… well, you kind of have to mention these things, kiddo!  He did try them on and liked them a lot.  He’ll be whizzing around the driveway in no time, I’m sure!  He loved the Quad-riding Spiderman that Hudson picked out for him.  And his big gift… swim trunks, a towel, scuba mask and the trip to Great Wolf… he was a little stunned.  He thought it was cool but I don’t think it really sank in with him that we’re going.  We’ve talked about it a lot since and he’s SO SO excited.  I can’t wait!

Porter decided on dinner…. Bone Island Grill.  Afterward, Dave came over and we ate ice cream and cake.  It was such a wonderful, celebration-filled day for my special 5 year old!

  1. What was up with Aubri's hair that day??? I wish i could have been there…It looked like so much fun!!!! I think it was just enough for his “party”, Nic. Not so chaotic for everyone!!!. Love ya Mom

  2. ADROABLE pics! That one of Nolan cracks me up – he is sooo dang cute! And awesome job on the cake! Too bad you guys don't live closer…P & Gav could be in a band…Gav has that same guitar in red.

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