Springtime in Michigan…. NOT!

Ugh.  This past week has been SO depressing…. after leaving the beach both Ryan and I (and Porter) were so sad to leave the warm spring weather and head home to Michigan.  It was nice to arrive home on an 80* day, though.  For some reason I seemed to have a hard time adjusting to being back home.  I missed my mom a lot more this week, I missed the huge, gorgeous house and I missed the weather and carefree living.  Okay, not that everyday life in NC would be “carefree” but still.  I just was sad all week being back to the daily grind of work and home and chores and errands. 

This past weekend was Scrapbook Weekend at the cottage and while I was really not wanting to go because I felt like I’d just gotten home (well, I HAD just gotten home! I also figured out that out of the past 21 days I’d only been home less than 5 whole days… and had spent the last 3 weekends away from home), I was glad I went.  As usual I had a great time and so glad I didn’t miss out!  I came home to a clean home, my hubby had been doing all the laundry and we spent the day together (went to Red Lobster, the boys and I took naps, had ice cream for dinner and then a movie night!). 

And then last night I hear we’re under a Winter Weather Advisory. What the hell!!  Its the middle of April… I shouldn’t be surprised… but I feel like each year I get crankier and crankier at the weather and more and more depressed at how LONG and drawn out and depressing springtime is in Michigan.  This morning we woke up to about an inch of snow and more comign down.  I think we probably got 2 inches or so… not a ton… and hopefully it’ll be gone by tomorrow but COME ON!  I’m so over it.  I texted my mom this morning and told her I was ready to move outta here!  I’m seriously contemplating looking at jobs in NC…

  1. it would be so hard to come back to the 'real world' after vacation – especially when the real world has crappy weather! we got the same storm thsi weekend and the snow is already gone. not that it would make you feel better! i'm ready for GREEN grass!

  2. My friend from HS lives in Greenville SC, teaches 2nd grade & LOVES it….says she will never come back!! It's funny you say that, because when we left I told Don I could move to the Carolina's…although, I sure would miss my family/friends, but hey you have the best of both worlds….your Mom lives down there! 😉

  3. I would LOOOOVVVE ya'll to move closer to me!!!! Even if we were 2-3 hours from each other… There are loads of teaching jobs around the areas. And probably jobs for Ryan also…..I know I am just dreaming. Ya'll hate the summer as much as I hate the winter. But I can dream, huh?

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