Porter’s Spring Conferences

Porter’s spring conference was this afternoon and I’m thrilled with his progress throughout the year.  Everything from the beginning of the year that he’d had “checks” on (need to work on) he has accomplished/overcome…. the only thing he still struggles with at times is sharing with classmates. 

He was assessed with the Brigance Kindergarten Assessment and he scored 80/100.  For Kindergarten Readiness they need to have a 60 (or 62?) so he’s well beyond that.  His teacher said he’s an extremely intelligent boy and that she has really enjoyed having him (well she said “both of you” LOL!) in her class.   

I am so incredibly happy with the progress we’ve seen with him since the beginning of the school year.  I was sad to hear that JPS may cut the preschool program next year as I was planning on sending Hudson to Mrs. Slat for 4-year old preschool.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen but it looks as though there is a good chance.  
On the topic of “academics,”  I brought home a bunch of printable word family books and easy sight word books.  Porter is flying through them and so eager to read to us each night.  Tonight he read me 3 books and wanted to keep reading more.  I can’t believe that just a few weeks ago I had not a thought in my mind of him being ready to read and now he’s off and running!  He’s doing so so well and isn’t getting frustrated anymore like he did in the beginning.  

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