Busy as a beaver

I knew this weekend was going to be busy and tiring, but I didn’t realize just HOW tiring it really was going to turn out.   Awhile back I schedule my Mommy and Me Mini Sessions for this morning, not thinking anything of it.  Well, it turned out to be Porter’s first soccer practice and game.  I had 3 mini’s scheduled and I really didn’t want to try to coordinate all 4 of our schedules to change the date, so I decided I’d just have to miss his first game.  I knew it’d probably be harder on me than him and it probably wouldn’t even bother him.

THEN my May client had her baby 5 weeks early so I had to fit her in somewhere and today was the only day that worked out.  So, I basically did photography from 9am to 4pm and that was exhausting!  I think the newborn session was what did it… they are exhausting in themselves, on top of an hour drive to Dearborn and also on top of 3 mini sessions wrangling and performing for the kiddos to keep their attention.

On my way to Dearborn, my newborn session, Ryan had texted me that Porter played and scored!  I got tears in my eyes and called right away.  I was so proud of him.  I talked to him and got so choked up on the phone I could barely talk.  Pathetic, I know.  He was super excited and said he LOVED playing.  Ryan told me that after they played he came off the field and said “That was AWESOME Dad.  I LOVE it!  I want to do this EVERY Saturday morning!”  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  That is so exciting to hear!  Porter is always so hit or miss with activities… things I think he’ll love he always ends up balking at.  

My newborn session lasted about 3.5 hours… kind of on the long side but she invested a lot of money into packages/digital files so it was worth it!  I was so tired on my way home, and just was feeling homesick. I’m not sure why… Yesterday the boys and I had a great day together.  Porter had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and then we WERE going to go to some garage sales but it was cold and rainy and the local ones had cancelled.  We settled on St. Vincent and a resale shop down the road from our house.  The boys each had $5 in their piggy banks and each bought a truck at St. Vincent (I picked up a great wood frame that I revamped for our upstairs bathroom… pics to come!).   At the local resale shop I scored a little dresser/nightstand for $15 and some children’s books.  Porter was craving Los Tres Amigos and talked me into that for lunch.  If he’d had it his way we’d have been eating at 10am!  We opened them up at 11am and the 3 of us shared some soft shell tacos and chips with cheese and salsa. YUM!  The 3 of us took naps in the afternoon and then after Ryan got home he took Hudson to get dog food while Porter and I went to JoAnn.   We let the boys stay up late and do a little art project and then have a cookie and watch a show.  It was a great day, filled with lots of togetherness, so maybe that’s what I was missing today?

The weather was gorgeous today… 75* and sunny.  We ordered pizza and ate outside while the kids played with the neighbors.  I love that our house has kind of a “mini neighborhood” between our neighbors.  The kids can go from any of the 5 houses in our little “neighborhood” and never go near the road.  Its perfect… the kids went up to Kyle and Chloes for ahwhile then over to Eian and Kennedy’s to jump on the trampoline and then McKenna, the neighbors granddaugher, came over with popcicles after dinner.

By bedtime I was whooped and once I tucked Porter in I went to lay down for “30 minutes” and get a second wind.  Ryan tried to wake me up and I snapped at him to “not tell me what to do” and “no I’m not getting up right now I’m grumpy and tired!”  HAHA!  I ended up waking up at 11pm and apologizing and now here it is almost 2am and I’ve frosted cupcakes, been the Easter Bunny, got goodie bags for the nieces tomorrow and done some laundry.  Time for bed!  I’m going to spend all day tomorrow doing family things… no work and no worries.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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