Specialist Referral

Porter’s surgery a few months ago was unsuccessful.  What they basically did was cut a slit into the tip of his penis and we were to “pry” it open daily and put some ointment on it.  After 4 days I noticed the “slit” (which looked strikingly like a deep paper cut) seemed to be healing closed and it wasn’t really “opening” anymore.  I called the urologist (whose name was given to us by the MedPlus doctor) and they said just to see them at the 3-week checkup.

The checkup came and the doctor confirmed my suspicions… that the slit had healed back closed (thus his urethral opening… is that the term?… was still very narrow).  He then proceeded to make me feel like I hadn’t done the “prying” and made it seem as if this was an oddity of some sorts, saying “I’ve never seen this happen.”  Really?  Really??  You’ve NEVER seen a little paper cut slit on a penis tip heal closed?  EVER?   So our choices at that point were to re-do the surgery or to let it be and most likely he’d have more problems as he “grows” which would result in surgery later on (that would be more extensive and require stitches).

Ryan and I both wanted another opinion and today I talked to his pediatrician and felt like a DUMB ASS.  She had no idea any of this had happened… the MedPlus had never sent the paperwork to the pediatricians office and she was dumbfounded that the MedPlus physician would refer us to anyone let alone a child to an adult urologist.  Then I felt more like a dumb ass because I thought “OMG why didn’t we take him to the pediatrician that following Monday to get a second opinion and double check things out instead of just going to the specialist on the word of the MedPlus physician?”  GAAH!

Our pediatrician’s office called me back this afternoon with our referral to U of M to a pediatric specialist and we have an appointment next week. God do I feel like such a stupid parent just going on the word of someone who literally just met my child and checked him out and not getting an okay from his actual doctor.

Porter has been complaining more and more often about not being able to pee, or still feeling like he has to pee. It frustrates him and its so frustrating for us to not be able to help him.  I’m hoping this referral will be our last and he’ll be good as new!

  1. Live and learn, don't let guilt get the best of you…you're on the right road now. It's not like you didn't get a 2nd opinion b/c you were “lazy”…you were focused on what's best for P. You had heard him complain about it and wanted to give him relief, that's just being a good mommy. Now that you have this experience under your belt you'll have a new protocol and be more apt to get a 2nd opinion faster. We will send prayers your way. Wish parenting had a manual. I can sympathize as Lincoln has been saying, “My butt hurts” and picking his butt (like his underwear are going up there. We've looked, no marks, no signs of anything, he poops fine, etc….so are we bad parents if we wait it out and observe before seeing council of the “all mighty doctor?” Naw. If it ends up being something and we take him in I refuse to let the guilt take over for waiting a bit. 🙂 It's always something isn't it?!

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