Negative Nelly

You know how some people are their own biggest fan?  Well me, I’m not.  I have started to realize I tend to kick myself when I’m down.  I turn into negative nelly and everything I do seems to bring me down even more.

Let’s look at today.  I just walked upstairs from working on client orders (packaging, etc…) and realized it was 11pm.  I got a bowl of cereal because I was feeling nauseous.  I realized… I’m feeling nauseous b/c I took my first Zoloft in 5 months this evening.  And said to myself “Oh great… here comes the hunger and excessive eating and the weight gain.”  Then I realized…. no.  You’re fricking hungry because you haven’t EATEN this evening.  Why did I instantly turn negative?   And then, in glancing at the clock I said to myself “Well… tonight was a wash.  Its already bedtime and I barely got anything done tonight.”   Really?  Tonight was a wash?  I looked back at my evening….

  • Picked the kids up and ran home to get Porter’s t-ball stuff.
  • Made the kids muffin-tin lunches on-the-go for after practice.
  • Went to P’s t-ball practice.
  • Ran to Kohls to exchange some jeans.
  • Went to Target to get my prescription and some goodie bag stuffers for H’s party.
  • Took the boys home (it was nearly 7:30 at this time) and let them play with the train set in the basement.
  • Around 8 we started bedtime (solo… Ry had class) and got a basket of laundry put away while the boys cleaned their rooms.
  • Teeth brushed.
  • Clothes picked out for tomorrow
  • Jammies on
  • Bedtime story read.
  • Kids tucked in.
  • Created and printed checkered labels for play-doh containers… cut out and pasted onto play-doh for goodie bags.
  • Checked my email and returned a couple client emails.
  • Quoted a current client on additional album options.
  • Burned a clients images to disc and labeled and packaged the session disc.
  • Packaged 2 client orders and got them ready to ship.
  • Ate a bowl of cereal- 11pm dinner.

Tonight was a wash?  Really???  Looking back… taking a step back and really looking at what I accomplished today… I realized I got a lot done.  Sure, I still have 3 mini sessions to finish proofing, numerous of my personal photo projects I’d like to work on, my mom’s vacay photo book to finish and I’d wanted to work on Project Life tonight.  I’ll have to hold that stuff off for tomorrow, I suppose.  And before bed I will reflect on my ACCOMPLISHMENTS and try not to be negative about what I didn’t finish in one day.

  1. Good for you! We all need a dose of “the glass is 1/2 FULL” now and then. I'm a 1/2 empty person a lot of the time too and it takes a conscious effort to make it full!

  2. I do this to myself ALL the time. I never do enough. The house is never clean enough. I didn't feed the kids something other than hot dogs. I soooo hear it.

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