Birthday Boy…. #3!

Dear Hudson Bessie Boo…

Oh yes, we still call you that.  I am sorry to say I fear that name will stick with you for a looong time.  Where has my little baby disappeared to?   There are days I freeze and just stare at you in awe that you are so big… so old and such a… kid!  I marvel at your vocabulary and mannerisms, your quirks and personality.  I still think of you as my teeny tiny petite little baby and I think I always will, however I love the little boy you are turning into.  

For such an angel of a baby that you were you sure have given us a run for our money this past year.  I knew there would be paybacks for your laid-back personality!  There have been many times I’ve uttered (not always under my breath) “2 is going to kill me!” because there have been many moments I wasn’t sure I’d survive your 2nd year.  You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to show it.  There have been many trips through the store you’ve yelled or screamed the entire way, or shouted you hated me or just plain been ticked about life in general.  However, here we are at 3 and I’m proud to say we both survived 2!  

You can go from happy and hopeful to angry and vengeful in a millisecond.  When you don’t get your way your “revenge” is to say “I’m taking my pants off!” in the grumpiest tone you can muster.  And so you do.  I’m not sure what kind of punishment this is for us but we think its pretty hilarious.   I recently showed you the “Pants on the ground” video (the guy from American Idol) and both you and Porter cracked up at it.  So now whenever you get mad and tell us we instantly start singing “Pants on the ground.. pants on the ground… lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground” before you can even threaten us with taking your pants off.  It usually gets a good grin out of you.  

Despite being such a little spitfire, though, your sweet personality just shines through and through.  You don’t like to see me sad, and when you’re in a “mood” and telling me you “hate me” I usually retort in one of two ways:  “Well I LOOOOVE YOU!” or  I act sad and hurt.  You can’t stand to see me sad and immediately run over to snuggle me and rub my cheeks and tell me “I looove you Mommy!”   I love when you reach up to me with your big blue eyes, arms stretched out saying “I want you, Mama!”  And when you pretend to be a kitty cat and nuzzle into me with your face, your eyes closed and a half smile smirk on your lips, meowing.  And when you hold my face in your hands and give me kisses.  When you hug me and say “I love you”. You’re such a charming little dude.  

When you are around new people, or new/strange people talk to you, you’re very shy.  Your recent habit is to cover one eye with your hand.  Quite possibly hiding one eye is the secret to becoming invisible?  While you’re a crazy little chatterbox at home and around those you’re comfortable with, you definitely clam up and are shy and quiet around new people.  Once you warm up, though, (which doesn’t take long) you’re a lovey, touchy feely outgoing kid.   

You’ve become quite the comedian around here as well… your expressions just crack me up and you know you’re being hilarious.  Its become a standing debate between you and I as to what your eye color is.  I love your beautiful baby blues but you’re insistent that you have green eyes… “just like mommy.”  You tell me this with your head cocked, nodding and looking out of the corner of your eye saying “I told you my eyes are green just like yours!”  

Little Hudson Boy, I’ll eat you up I love you so.  You are my favorite 3 year old, the cutest little blonde haired blue eyed (yes, baby boy your eyes are blue!) bubba I could ever dream of calling my son.  Thank you for making us laugh and for your charming little ways.  


Some things about you at 3:

  • You weight lbs and are  inches tall 
  • Your favorites:
    • Animal: a froggy
    • Color: red
    • Movie:  What is the wolf movie called?  Alpha and Omega.  I love Alpha and Omega!
    • Person?  Oma  Why? Because that’s my fravrit girl.  
    • Song: The animal song (animal action)
    • Food: hamburger
    • Drink: slushy
    • Number: H
  • You’ve been potty trained and wearing undies since January, but your newest thing is standing up to pee at the toilet.  
  • Oma is still your favorite person in the world.  Miss Marleen ranks right up there with her. 
  • You have become best buddies with Liberty.  The two of you always hug and kiss when you leave Miss Marleen’s.  You said you’re going to marry her and Miss Marleen think that will be just fine with us… we could be mother in laws 🙂 
  • Can count to 12 
  • Know your ABC’s 
  • You can identify 8 letters of the alphabet (eeep… gotta get working on that!) 
  • You still love Lightning McQueen and Mater.  And anything Cars.  
  • You love to be outside and your favorite thing currently is driving the gator.  Riding in the gator won’t do.  You want to drive.  This is a never-ending fight here.  
  • Nap/bedtime has become a battle.  After you’re tucked in it seems we’re putting you back in bed 5 or 6 times.  It is ridiculous. 
  • You’re scared of shadows, which makes bedtime interesting.  
  • You’re also terrified of red eyed green tree frogs.  I’m serious…. we have a few frog books that have the tree frog on the cover and if you happen to come across it in your books you’ll freeze and ask me to take it away.  You crack me up!

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