Hudson’s Birth-Day

Hudson woke up on his birthday to our traditional “Birthday Balloons”….  I wish I’d had my video camera because he was SO darn cute about it.  Ry was at work already (he went in early so he could take a short day to go to the U for P’s appointment), and Hudson came in at 6:30- bright and early- to wake me up.  He told me “Mommy there are balloons in my room… come see!”  He kept saying things like “Look a PURPLE one!”  “I have balloons in my room!”  “I’m gonna kick these balloons!”  It was adorable.  He was so chatty!

After we played with his balloons for a bit we snuck downstairs quietly so we didn’t wake Porter.  I made him rainbow pancakes.  He was amazed that they were colored and looooved them!  I think these will be a new birthday breakfast tradition!

Since Hudson is obsessed with Cars and Mater and all things related, I found these suckers at Toys R Us and had to get them for the boys.  Mater teeth!

Hudson opened his present from Porter and when Ry got home we gave him our present… a tractor and trailer.  He loooved it!  Oma stopped by for a minute and then the 4 of us headed to Ann Arbor.

Porter’s appointment went great… everything was a-okay and he has an ‘innocent’ murmur that will likely go away as he gets older.

After his appointment we went to Red Robin for a late lunch.  The boys got ice cream sundaes.

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