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I need some advice… some alternate views, input, on my blog situation.  I really hate being private.  I miss the blog community and simplicity of a public blog.  But, let’s face it, I’m a very OPEN person when it comes to blogging and (especially as of late) there are many topics I don’t prefer co-workers, employers, clients or other people in my “real life” to read.

My first thought was to change over to WordPress, which will allow me to password some posts if I want.  I have transferred my blog, went through and passworded posts (there are 15 in the past year, to be exact) and I’ve now realized I really don’t want to deal with WordPress.  First off, its costly.  The free WP gives you only a select few templates, a narrow blog with tiny header.  You have to pay to customize CSS etc.  Basically, any “extras” you pay for.  I really don’t want to financially support my blog just because there are some topics (mainly therapy) that I don’t want to remain public.  
I’m wondering if I should just delete those posts, or unpublish them, or create a “therapy blog” altogether.  Hmm…    This would make sense as I am not sure I want some of those posts to be in my Blog Books for my kids to read once they’re older.  Although… this is real, these are issues I’m struggling with and I’m not sure my kids are really going to sit down and read through a 400 page blog book before they’re an adult.  I dunno… maybe?  Who knows.  But, I hate “blocking” this part of my life (as much as I hate that it IS part of my life and something I’m struggling with right now)

I’m also thinking… maybe change my blog address and keep it private from Facebook (which is where co-workers have contact with me).  I think I will do this regardless…. I’ve “published” my blog on FB with NetworkedBlogs  (only b/c it is private right now and I know no one can read it w/o a password) but I don’t think that I want to do that anymore.  If I changed the blog addy, I could essentially “start over” with readers.

So…. what to do.  Ideas?  Please? 

  1. A new blog address could definitely provide some privacy from people who know you, but they can search pretty easily if they are nosy! If they don't care then I wouldn't worry too much. Ever since I went private I have hardly written. But then again, I have no freakin' time! Do what's right for you. A private therapy blog wouldn't be a bad idea, it's a journal for you to look back and could be very helpful, and everything will be in one place and easy to find for your future use.

  2. I totally know where you're coming from. I've had a really hard few months as far as friends/non-friends/social networking goes and I want a break from it for awhile, so I have definitely thought about privatizing and might do it, at least for some posts, but at the same time it's hard to give up the support you can get when you need it. I have thought of going private SO MANY times over the years, but it has always come down to that – I hate the thought of giving up the community. When blogs go private, I myself don't read them – especially if I have to log in (like with Typepad – Blogger will usually work if I'm already logged into Reader). Yours is the only private blog I read, and it's because I've been reading for gosh, how long… well since you were pregnant with Porter… and you actually have interesting posts. 🙂 But if I made mine private, I know I'd lose a lot of readers and I'd miss that… a lot of the time, it's not why I blog, but there's also been a lot of times when the community is nice. I don't publish my blog on facebook, I try not to associate my photography with my blog, and I don't associate my full name with my blog, if that makes sense… i.e. I want my blog to be referred to as 'just my type' or 'beejo' and not as my name. I've been pretty vigilant about that because it keeps it harder to find on Google. However, because people have linked to me in their sidebars, etc using my full name, and I haven't asked everyone to remove it (I think I asked you that once before, back when yours was still public?) it definitely is possible to find… I haven't done as great of a job as I could have. But I think if you were to make a new blog address and keep your full name off of it, and then if you see any of your friends linking to you via your full name, you let them know to remove it… you can do a pretty good job of keeping it so that it's not EVERYWHERE on Google, but still public. Plus, are your coworkers really going to Google your new blog, if you make one? I mean… if it's put out there in front of them on facebook, then they'll probably read everything you write, but if it's not… maybe not so much (of course, I'm sure some people out there would be madly Googling trying to find you ;). But obviously, it's still public in the end and if anyone WERE to find it, you'd have to deal with any repercussions. Which sucks, but I guess you have to weigh the options. Whatever you decide… I hope I will get to keep reading. 🙂

  3. I had read your blog since you were pregnant with Porter, but I didn't go through the trouble to go to the private blog, I promise I am not a stalker. Although your posts still show in my reader, so when I saw this post show, I decided to comment. I would read a new public blog, or continue to read this one if it's public.

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