The Decision

I ultimately have decided to make my blog public again.  If you’re getting this in Google Reader you’ll be happy to know there will be no more of the linking and post updates etc etc.  I realized… I have a public blog where I post a link when I update… why not make my entire blog public and then my private posts link to a private blog? 

So my blog is public once again…. I created another blog that, should I have a topic that I don’t want the entire world to read, I will write my private posts on the private blog and put a link post on my public blog.    This way, when I “slurp” my blog to BookSmart to make my annual blog book I will see where my posts are missing (the post that link to the private ones will be my “placeholders”) and I can copy/paste those few and far between posts.  Voila!  Perfect way of being private! 🙂 

I have realized I really miss the blogging community and connecting with other bloggers.  I’ve said it before, I really truly only blog for myself and for my own documentation but it is a really nice perk to get feedback and to connect with others through my writings as well. 

I will slowly be adding readers to my private blog.  There really isn’t that much over there, and I don’t know how often I’ll post there.  I just don’t necessarily want co-workers, potential employers, acquaintances etc to read about some of the “damaged” parts of me.  I’m fine with sharing this stuff with my closest people, and oddly with complete strangers (or distant bloggers I have met over the years) but not really with people I’m not close to but see often in real life.  Does that make sense?

  1. You have to do what makes you happy and works for you. Are you using wordpress? I tried it and found it difficult.Hope all is well.

  2. Glad to hear you are happy with your decision. I can relate to missing the blogging community when you are private. I don't even think anyone reads mine anymore.

  3. Totally makes sense! I really enjoy reading your blog and often feel the same way you do. When it comes down to it…we are all doing our best to make it through the day without doing any major damage!

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