These boys… oh their imaginations just amuse me sometimes.  They think of things I would never have thought of at their ages.  I love it. 
Porter has always been fascinated with how things work.   I hope that someday he becomes some kind of engineer or something…  he’s curious and very bright and is always trying to recreate things he sees.  For the longest time he’s been intrigued by pulleys.  He’ll point them out whenever he sees them in use.  A few weeks ago he made his own “pulley” (not exactly a pulley but it served the same type of purpose).    He had been experimenting with different ways to get his bucket to the top of the treehouse for a few days and finally figured out the best method.  Tie the jumprope to the steering wheel and crank it! 

Last week, when we were trying to make it through 95* days, I went and picked up a large pool for the boys to use in addition to their little blue pool.  They played outside for quite sometime and I soon found them like this:
TThese were no longer swimming pools.  Oh no.  This is their BOAT!  

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