Nothin’ says summer better than an old fashioned clothes line

One of my (many!) favorite things about summer is drying our clothes on the clothesline.  Sounds funny, I know, but I grew up drying clothes on the clothes line and I continue the “tradition.”  When we bought our house this was one of the things I was excited about!  I’m not sure why I love it so much… is it the fresh air smell the clothes have?  The swaying in the breeze?  The use of nature to get a chore done?  
So I wonder… who else uses a clothes line in the summer? 

  1. I grew up with all of our clothes on the line too. I always hung laundry when we lived in MI, but haven't had a clothesline since. I actually hate clothes dried on the line… I don't like the “outdoor” smell” and I hate the crusty stiff feeling of line dried clothes (lots of times I'd take a load off the line and throw them in the dryer for a few minutes to soften them up!)But I LOVED the actual act of hanging them… snapping the clothes out, pinning them up, making a nice even row lined up perfectly to share clothespins… and folding them as you take them down. My clothesline days were the only time my laundry all consistently got folded and put away in a decent amount of time because I folded as I took it off the line! Kinda miss it…

  2. How fun! My Grandparents still dry their clothes on a clothes line so every time I see one it makes me all sentimental. How fun that you have one to continue your family tradition!

  3. We had a clothesline growing up, too. Hm…I've never considered having one now, but I do like fresh clothes off the line! I was just talking with some friends about how when I lived in Spain I'd come home and my host family would have strung ALL of my laundry up outside the 4th floor window, including my undies, which would sway in the breeze for everyone to see!

  4. Hey Nicole… I JUST realized your blog isn't private anymore. Guess I am behind in the times.We hang our clothes on a line all year. In the winter I use two drying racks that are hooked to the laundry room ceiling on pulleys. My husband says it is “because we are environmentally friendly. A.K.A. too cheap to pay for propane.” It is a bit of a pain in the winter but in the summer I love the smell of them when they come in out of the sun! And not spending the money on gas is nice too.

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