Aubri and Addi stayed the night with us last weekend.  The boys are so lucky they have cousins the same age as them (and that ALL their cousins are pretty much similar ages!).  We had a picnic lunch on the lawn, played in the pool and sprinkler and the Kid Wash.  
Uhm… love how Uncle Ryan put your suit on, Addi…. straps in the front?  HAHA!  

The Blondies…

The Brownies….

Saturday evening we had the Huffs over for a cookout and bonfire.  They brought over some fireworks (errr… sparkler type fireworks).  The kids were dirtballs by the end of the night so we turned on the Kid Wash (haha!) and they ran (and rode bikes) through the kids wash until they were clean and tuckered out.

This just cracks me up.  Addisen LOVED the rats.  She had zero fear of them at all.  Maybe because she kept calling them rabbits?  I tried correcting her but she ultimately reverted back to calling them rabbits again and again.  She was so funny…she would grab them up like they were nothing and just pick them up and hold them and didn’t seem to care at all if they squirmed.  Saturday morning Porter was feeding the rats and Addi snuck in and grabbed up Polly.  I heard them running through the kitchen and turned to see Addi run into the living room, poor Polly in her hand, and Porter running after Addi.  Addi was yelling “No, no take away my rabbit!” It was hilarious!

Check out Atticus the Fatticus Ratticus…. are those eyes not pleading for rescuing or what?!

  1. CUTE pics!the last time we went to the beach, tom put vivi's suit on, YEP, backwards. same, thing, huge straps crossing in the front… i was like, really?!also, i think the rats are growing on me. haha! 🙂

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