relaxin’ and maxin’

Today we attempted a 3 mile bike ride but ended up needing to be rescued halfway through.  We first set off down the road and I realized my tires were low.  Real low.  So we turned around and pumped up the tires.  They said 50-70psi so I pumped until the bike pump gauge said 50.    We got down the road about 3/4 mile and the chain on Porter’s bike fell off.  Greasy hands and a fixed bike later, we continued on our ride.  About another 3/4 mile down the road I noticed a rubbing noise from my bike.  I thought it was maybe the fender but as I continued down the road it was getting louder and I could tell something was rubbing/hitting my brakes.  After inspection I realized my tire was coming out of (off of?) the rim… there was a lip bulging over the rim.  I figured we’d continue the ride since we were literally halfway around our “block”, but 2 driveways later it was getting hard to ride… my brakes were getting stuck on the tire.  I looked agian and it was REALLY bulging over and starting to rub the tire badly.  I went to the house to see if they had a tire gauge thingy but no one was home.  I called Ryan and he told me to press a rock or something in the tire nozzle.  I did that and what do you know, I squeezed my tire back into the rim but I let out TOO much air and my tire was now flat.  There was no way I could ride it.  Ryan had to leave work and come rescue us! 
I decided we’d call it quits for bike riding and then we went into town to run a few errands (Rapid Refill and Pet Supplies Plus).  We also went to the library to redeem their Summer Reading Logs (we’re doing the Summer Reading Program) and they got prizes and new reading logs.  We also picked out a TON of books.  Funny, I made them library bags, intending to tell them “you can get out as many books as you are able to carry in your bag”… meaning 2 or 3. But I can’t stop myself and I end up picking out so many kids books that I have to use their bags to carry them and I end up carrying both bags plus a few extra books!  Looks like Mama needs her own library bag!  
When we got home I whipped up this book tent.  Rope from b-ball hoop to tree, 4 clothespins, 2 sheets, a quilt and some pillows?  Voila!  There was a nice breeze and we laid here and read books for awhile and then fell asleep for a couple hours.  Naptime outside- sweet!  (don’t get too jealous… the “getting to sleep” part wasn’t so easy.  I had to threaten and growl a few times but finally they fell asleep and I was finally able to get my much-needed rest! haha!)

The light was gorgeous and filtered underneath the tent… maybe I need to try this for a session HAHA!  We had some fun with the camera and I got a few shots I looove!  Perfect for Embrace the Camera!

so, are you ready to embrace the camera?
here’s the nitty gritty:
1.  take a picture with you and your kids/spouse/family member/friend/whatever.
2.  blog about that picture and include a link to our blog, or grab our button.
3.  link your blog post up on the link tool below.
4.  visit the other embracers…give each other lots of compliments about how good we look with our greasy hair andsweatpants velour jogging suits on.  cause yah, we need a little boost when it’s been days since our last shower.
5.  have fun!

I love these boys.  This summer… this summer has been amazing so far.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my days with them and, even though there are nights I say to Ryan “I’m done… I can’t deal anymore today”, I think I’m doing a pretty damn good job keeping my wits about me.  Ryan is gone 2 nights a week so in addition to me being home fulltime, there are 2 days a week we don’t see him at all.  The boys and I have done so many fun projects and activities this summer I’m really dreading going back to work.  I wish so much I was able to stay home with these monkeys.

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