Random Ramblings

  • Last week was the Jackson County Fair.  And I avoided it this year 🙂  I’m not sure but I just had no desire to spend the money, brave the crowds and eat the fattening foods.  
  • Ryan did take the boys to the Monster Trucks on Friday night.  I’m hoping LeeAnn got some pictures (LeeAnn… ??).  I put my point and shoot camera on the seat of the van and Ryan STILL left it in the van!
  • Thursday I had a really bad day.  A really really bad day.  But, I’m moving on and trying to work things out.  
  • Friday I had some girls over (Lori, Stephanie and LeeAnn) to scrapbook.  I didn’t feel like I got much done but really I did.  I got caught up on Project Life and it was nice to vent and talk with some ladies.  I feel like I’ve had zero Mommy Time this summer. 
  • I’m really dreading work starting.  Really.  Dreading. 
  • I really really wish I could stay home with the boys.  I know, after my really really bad day, I still do.  
  • Medication switch isn’t going so hot.  See the private blog. 
  • We are “testing” out Ryan’s friends camper this week at Mackinaw. (actually, we have it for a month as we paid for his next month’s payment). Its a 26′ camper with slide-out.  I like it, but…. I don’t think it’ll work for our family of 4 (someday 5).  And while campers have not been even ON my radar, I’m now browsing browsing Craigslist for hybrids.  Not sure what will come of this… we may just stick with tent camping as I really kind of enjoy it (just not the packing up/unloading part).  
  • I keep thinking if we DID get a camper we’d be able to camp in April/May and September/October as well as our once-a-month camping trips in the summer.  Its hard to camp just for a Fri night-Sunday when tent camping as there is SO much stuff to pack up and prep time etc.  If we had a camper it’d be stocked already and we’d just have to throw together clothes and food and could take off for a weekend. 
  • The boys have been full of silly sayings lately.  (See previous posts).  Hudson has been a riot… he’s such a little shit lately but oh my word he can turn on the charm!
  • My grad class is finally done and I really feel so free!  I’ve also sent out nearly 40 resumes this summer and had Z-E-R-O response.  Ugh.  
  • I’ve been pushing Ryan to apply for jobs in Wilmington, NC and nearby areas.  I figure if he can get a job I’ll just sub until I find something fulltime.  It wouldn’t be much different than the job I’m doing now, especially if Ryan got paid more at a new job. 
  • I’m really looking forward to a week of relaxation with the family.  Ryan has been gone SO much lately.  He has been working a ton and is finishing up his last class for his degree (which he walked in June but still had one class to finish over the summer).  It will be nice to spend some time together for once!
  • Our yard is finally 100% fenced in.  It looks a little silly right now as we have a cattle/farm gate across our driveway but plan to “face” it with the same wood privacy fence that the rest of the yard has.  The cattle fence will essentially serve as a frame for the wood fence.  It is really nice to be able to let the dogs out and run!  The dogs seem to love it too.  The boys, well Porter loves opening the gate for me when we leave or get home LOL!  

  1. My BFF lived in Wilmington for a couple of years and I spent a lot of time there. LOVE IT. I met my hubby at the exact wrong time or I would have moved out there too. Sorry about your bad days, I hope they get better soon!

  2. Sorry for your job hunting, bummer! It really depresses me that it's back to school time already. Boo. Our state fair starts next week and I won't be going this year, I'm not too sad about it either! Enjoy the camper, I'm sure you'll love it!

  3. So I know you don't really know me, but since I feel like I've just “met” you, I was wondering what you went to school for? I have no idea what your bad day was about, but I hope things start improving. Love your blog, so I'm glad that you continue to post.

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