Me, Myself and Irene

Please keep my Mom, Mike and everyone else on the NC coast in your thoughts (as well as everyone pretty much on the East Coast it appears….).   The eye of Hurricane Irene is heading straight for Emerald Isle and she just called this morning to let me know the police were patrolling and evacuating everyone by 8pm tonight.  From the Emerald Isle FB Page:

As of the 8 pm advisory, Hurricane Irene is currently centered approximately 420 miles due south of Emerald Isle, with sustained winds of 115 mph. Emerald Isle is expected to begin experiencing tropical storm force winds around 5 pm on Friday night, and experience hurricane winds by 10 am on Saturday. Based on the current forecast track, the eye of Irene is expected to make landfall near Emerald Isle at about 2 pm Saturday with sustained winds of 110 mph.

Ryan just called and he’s been watching the radar online.  We’re both worried… my mom (MOMMMMM!!) is tying down chairs and seems nonchalant about it.  Emerald Isle is oh, maybe 800m wide?  Its an island.   Its surrounded by water.  Its elevation… 10ft.  I’m betting not much will be left of the RV park she lives in.  Scary stuff.  

I don’t dare tell Porter about this.  My mom called the other day and was in VA (Alexandria, right near DC) during the earthquake which hit a 5.9 on the richter scale.  Ryan and I made the mistake of talking about it at the campground to Dave and Lori and it freaked Porter out.  He had to call my mom and was worried there was a big crack in the ground where she was.  He watches so much informational tv- Storm Trackers, shark shows etc, he gets all into that stuff and then worries profusely about it.  He watches the sky all the time for storm clouds.  
I’ll breathe easier after this weekend is over and pray-to-God everyone is safe.  

  1. I will be thinking of your Mom and everyone else in Irene's path. Living in Colorado, the worst we get is snow – I just can't fathom the winds and the rain and the devestation that a hurricane brings!(P.S. Hi! I have been reading again since you went back to public posting. I seem to be blogging and commenting in fits-and-spurts, but always look forward to reading what everyone else has going on!)

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