Friday Night Leftovers: Saturday Edition

(Thank ya, Jenny, for the inspiration to try FNL.  Perfect kinda post for tonight!)  Okay, I started this post on Friday, so it still counts, right?

  • I haven’t been in much of a bloggy mood lately.  Lots of things on my mind. 
  • School is starting in 2 days.  I’m not ready.  I’m not ready for my oldest baby to start Kindergarten.  I’m not ready to get back into the daily grind of working every day.  
  • I’m starting out the school year subbing in the 1st Grade class I work in.  I’m excited, but also a little hesitant to take on this responsibility so suddenly.  I literally found out today.  EEEK!  It’ll be fun, though. 
  • Ryan is up north this weekend with his dad riding the quads.  He comes home tomorrow and then we’re having a Back-to-School campout.  We’re setting up the tent in our yard and a few friends are coming over.  
  • Friday the boys and I took a spur of the moment trip to Ikea.  We had lunch and then I dropped them off at Smaland to play for an hour while I perused the showroom and picked up some goodies.  I got some new curtains for the living room, an Expedit for the play room (and moved the current Expedit from the playroom to my office), and some Samla and Trofast storage bins for toys and misc stuff.  
  • I love Adele’s new song out, Someone Like You.  Maybe it isn’t new, but its new to me.  I just bought her album on iTunes.   Ahhh her voice is like… ahh.  Its addicting… like Coldplay, I mean, not that she sounds like them but its just distinct and amazing.  
  • I’ve been READING so much lately!  While camping I read The Help, and then borrowed a bunch of books from another teacher in my district and have been reading those.  I started Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks but stopped halfway through.  Not really a fan… found it really predictable and kind of… shallow.  I read The Beach Trees and LOVED it.  Finished that in a matter of days.  Now I’m reading The Murderer’s Daughters and am halfway through and so far love it too!  

  1. yey for these kinds of posts. random dumping at it's finest! i am jealous of your trip to ikea. i LOVE adele. also, i think the murderer's daughters sounds super interesting, might have to put it on my list.i hope the new school year starts out great for all of you! 🙂

  2. Getting back into the swing of school has been very slow going around here – I hope everyone at your house adjusts quickly and smoothly!Good luck to Porter on his first day of kindergarten – it is so bittersweet, but he is going to love it!

  3. Love, love, LOVE Adel as do my kids… they fight over who's favorite song Rollin' in the Deep is……….. :-))))I loved the Beach Trees too! So good……..

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