Sunday Chapters

Chapter 1: Laundry

This summer we’ve been without a dryer.  Something broke and while it still tumbled, there was no heat.  So, all summer I’ve been quite “green” and hanging our laundry on the line.  Ryan surprised me and bought (new to us) a high efficiency washer and dryer (front load… still haven’t found out if they can stack).  I love them!  And while I do love laundry on the line, the dryer is sooo much quicker (not to mention, our dryer was like almost 20 years old and took forever to dry a load!)’
Speaking of laundry, I’ve found a new (and cheap!) laundry detergent I looove.  It’s Purex Complete with Zout in Fresh Burst.  OOOH it makes our laundry sooo nice!
Chapter 2: Walking
Poe and I went on a 2 mile walk tonight just before it got dark.  Well, he biked and I walked.  It was a perfect end-of-the-evening activity and its so nice that Porter can ride along with me.  I put in my earbuds, turned on some Jack Johnson and we spent a good half our enjoying the beautiful, getting-chilly weather.  
Chapter 3: Bring on Fall
Despite Michigan’s summer being so ridiculously short (especially this year… we didn’t really get “summer” until June and now here it is September already!  However… we could easily have some 90* days in October….), I’m finally at the point where I’m looking forward to fall, the crisp air and the chilly temperatures.  
If you’d asked me a week ago I’d have said NO WAY… we JUST got summer!  However, the past few days were 90*+ and I was miserable.  I’m a middle-of-the-road weather gal.  I like it between 60 and 80*.  Anything higher than 80* is downright miserable for me.  I also think part of this is because I’ve finally accepted that summer break is over and I’m closing up that “transition” period from not working to working.  That’s one of the downfalls to working the school schedule, especially with such a organized/planner personality like me.  It always seems once I get into a good routine its time for a change and that build up to the change causes me a lot of anxiety.  End of the school year and end of the summer are bad times for me.  Whereas year-round working moms are still on the same schedule as always, the start of the school year isn’t a huge change to their schedule.  Many stay at home moms are counting down the days to the start of the school year so they can get a break from some or all of their kiddos.  But me… I’m filled with anxiety as I do a 180 from not working at all to working and figuring out how to juggle both of the kids’ schedules in the morning (getting P off to school and getting H to daycare).  Its hard to change from one extreme to the other.  UGH.  However, I know once I get back working for a week or two I’ll settle in and things will be good until the end of the school year.  So, I’ve decided I have to say adios to the sweet summertime… the freedom, the casual wear, the non-schedule… and embrace another school year!
Chapter 4: The Holidays
Speaking of fall… I’m getting excited for the holidays coming up.  Oh yea… the holidays!  Halloween… costumes and decorating and candy and pumpkin patches.  OOOOH!  I love Halloween!  And then Thanksgiving… family gathering around.  And finally Christmas… the month long celebration!  I have been trying to think of some good costumes for the boys…. I know I’m kinda the mean mom but P wants to be Spiderman or something and H wants to be Mater.  Ick.  I am trying to get them to think outside the box… outside the characterized world we live in… and come up with something fun and semi-unique.  Did I mention how I love Halloween??
Aaaand… that’s about it!

  1. Totally on the same page as you when it comes to Halloween costumes… I was actually browsing the internet last night… trying desperately to come up with an idea that the kids will go for instead of what they “think” they want to be LOL!Sawyer wants to be Mario and he's (unsuccessfully) trying to talk SJ into being Luigi. Or princes Peach. :/

  2. i'm just catching up on all your posts. 🙂 i have to try out that new laundry soap. tucker always has the weirdest ideas for halloween (last year he was a BULLET). this year, he wants to be a bat. so, both my boys are going to be little bats. now i just get to figure out the best way to make that happen – lol!

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