Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

It’s about time I introduce little Cooper around here.    After Ramsey passed away, Duncan was so so sad.  He didn’t want to play outside alone, he was a constant cling-on to our sides.  He was lonely.  We have always (or at least most always) had 2 dogs in our household so it wasn’t a hard decision to add another pooch to our family, though it seemed kind of soon.  However, the upcoming arrival of Baby #3 kind of gave us a time limit… it was now or at least a year from now.  A new dog/puppy needed time to get accustomed to our home before we let ALL chaos break loose in the spring/summer.
We did visit the animal shelter and Humane Society, and did meet with a few dogs.  However, none seemed to tug at our hearts.  Ryan really wanted a rottie… we oh so loved our Ramsey and aside from her dominance with other dogs, she was such a perfect dog for our family.  However, I couldn’t bear to see another wiggly rottie butt standing next to Duncan at the front door.  It was too soon.
We debated on a few different breeds but one night while lying in bed we brought up Cooper… he was a stray we rescued from a playground in town about… ohh.. 9 years ago or so (Ramsey was about 6 months old when we rescued Cooper).  He was a German Shorthaired Pointer and the vet estimated him to be over 11 years old.  Despite his age, his obvious graying and aging body, he would still run and jump and fetch a ball with us.  He had a sweetness and gentleness that just stole our hearts.  And my mom’s, as well.  See… she isn’t a dog person at all… AT ALL… but she LOVED Cooper.    Cooper was only with us for 6 months before he passed away but in that short 6 months, he was such a charmer.

We decided we’d get a GSP.  We know they are a little more high energy, but all in all the breed was familiar to me (well, not exactly… but I did grow up with English Pointers and English Setters… my dad was an avid hunter and raised Pointers throughout my childhood).   The Pointers I’d grown up with in our house had all been loyal, sweet family dogs- willing to run and play when needed but also calm and sweet in the house.
Cooper came home with us almost 2 weeks ago.  He’s the cutest little nugget and it cracks me up how tiny he is compared to Duncan.  Surprisingly, Duncan is great with him despite their ginormous size difference.  He plays very well with him and they definitely keep each other entertained.  So far he’s totally spoiled… well, the big one kind of is too 🙂
So, blog… I introduce to you Cooper.  We sure think he’s a keeper.






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