The Third Bambino

I suppose its time to write on the blog, since this has been “Facebook Official” for a couple days now.  We are officially expecting another bundle of joy (or chaos…love… mess… drama… energy… however you want to view it! )

As ironic as it was that my past 3 pregnancies happened exactly as planned, so did this one.  We realize we are extremely lucky in this.  I was really hoping/praying for another late spring/early summer baby so I could be home for the summer with him/her as I was with the boys.  We lucked out again.

LeeAnn did my first ultrasound last week and I was able to see his/her little nubbers wiggling away. So super cute!  Saw the heartbeat and was measuring right on track.  Yay!

The boys are ehh so-so..  They’re excited but I think mostly they don’t really understand fully and probably won’t until the baby belly is well known to the world.  They both want a baby sister (I am pretty sure it is mostly because they think a sister means they won’t have to share their toys).  Of course Ryan and I (well… probably mostly me…) would love love a little girl in this family but would be so happy with another crazy boy as well.  (Hence the 4 year age difference between Hudson and this babe… I wanted to be sure I wanted another BABY not just to “try for a girl”, and we so so just want a healthy, happy baby).

  1. Yeah!!!! Congrats. My two girls are 4.5 years apart and I love the age difference. I'm in the same boat as you… do I want another baby or am I just wanting to try for a boy????CONGRATS!!!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting. My husband and I are expecting our 3rd next year as well. Hope you get to feeling better and wish you all the best in your pregnancy.

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