Fab (Friday) Flop

Fab Friday:

  • It’s Friday.  Need I say more?  
  • It’s 80* out in October… the sun is shining and the fall colors are gorgeous.  
  • Took the boys to the park after picking Hudson up at daycare.  
  • Raked the leaves with the boys and spent much of the evening outside.  It was gorgeous!  Hudson was so cute and said “We’re doing teamwork!”  
  • Grilled out dinner while the kids and dogs played.  
  • Ryan and I were supposed to have a movie night but he fell asleep upstairs after putting the boys to bed.  Oh well! Tomorrow night.  

Friday Flop:

  • Hudson and I slept in.  Yes.  Just us two.  We woke at 8am and found Porter watching Netflix on my phone.  With Cooper.  In the puppy crate.  
  • Late late late, even though this was a “work from home” day.  Porter obviously missed the bus.  
  • Dropped Porter off at school 15 minutes late.  I didn’t take him in.  Because I was wearing pj’s, had bed-head and yesterday’s mascara under my eyes.   I’m pretty sure his school file will note “Dropped off at school late.  Alone.  With a baggie of dry cereal for breakfast.”
  • Took Hudson to preschool/daycare.  Let’s not even talk about the guilt of taking him to daycare while I plan to be home (though working on photography stuff) in my pj’s.  
  • While I’ve been a bit productive already (at quarter to 11am), I’ve already eaten a bowl of pudding and whip cream and am soooo craving Los Tres white cheese and chips leftover from last night.  Yumm.  

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